Zedekiah Nandwa

                    The Creative Innovator

Zedekiah Nandwa

Zedekiah Nandwa commonly known as 

Zeddy is a very simple humble man that 

was brought up in a God fearing family 

and Godly way.He grew up in the umbrella 

of a man of God that nursed him with the 

word of God and in a respectable way.He 

was born on Friday 1st November 1988 in 

Western Kenya. he is the second born in 

the family of three.His family origin is Luyha 

and he is a very humble man. He likes playing 

keyboard, singing and he is a greatest actor. 

Zedekiah Nandwa went to Emutsasa Primary 

School in Western Kenya, where he graduated 

with great marks which made him join to High 

school. He joined a very small school in the 

West of called Sunrise High school. he later 

transferred to Afraha High school due to the 

2007/2008 post election violence which caused 

the close down of his former school (Sunrise 

High School) Zedekiah Nandwa goes to Solid Rock Fellowship church while in Nakuru and goes to Joy Celebration Church while in Nairobi.